thinkamigo DIGITAL offer professional Web Design, Mobile App Development, Hosting, Strategy, Project Management, Creative Ideas and Production. Our successful projects combine sound business principles, smart thinking and great design. We are actively involved in the development of digital platforms, in the arts, training and e-learning.

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Media Production
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Social media flashmob
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“The creative economy has an essential role in building economic growth, local regeneration and consolidating the UK’s position as an innovator in design and entrepreneurial activity.”

Paul Fillingham – Founder and Digital Producer.

thinkamigo DIGITAL provide project scoping and research. We build and maintain responsive websites combining branded social pages with popular content-management platforms. thinkamigo is an accredited Apple iOS and Google Android developer. Together with our production partners we deliver powerful mobile apps and web applications.

Tools and technology

thinkamigo add value through integrated offline activity, offering creative services for print, promotion, audience engagement and provide the training and support you need.

thinkamigo are passionate about the value of digital media and have a clear understanding of how location-based interactive services can build loyalty, boost sales and increase opportunities for engagement. Our creative work is executed cleanly, maintaining brand-values and is fully optimised for digital delivery – High standards informed by years of award-winning agency experience with international brands and organisations.

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We love the challenge of fresh digital projects, engaging bright minds and top talent. We work with organisations, businesses or individuals who are brimming with ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. A little blue sky thinking and a dash of prototyping can go a long way, so let us develop your ideas, and provide the creative, marketing and technical know-how you need.

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