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Thinkamigo is a UK-based digital agency. We offer a wide range of user research, design, marketing, and training services.

Paul Fillingham, Founder & Chief Digital Amigo @paulfillingham 

Thinkamigo was launched in 2011 by Paul Fillingham having worked as an art director and digital producer in media and platform development for financial services, business to business, and consumer brands, including; Raleigh, Matalan, Machine Mart, and Capital One Bank.

Key areas of expertise:

  • We conduct research and service design for government agencies, corporations, legal and financial services
  • We design for web, mobile, social media and print
  • We deliver digital marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement
  • We educate people through training courses and workshops

Research and Design Innovation


The initial focus for Thinkamigo was experimental mobile app and social media development, supported by national arts organisations, including;

  • Arts Council England
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • BBC
  • English National Ballet
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • National Trust
  • Museums Libraries and Archives Council


Free-thinking amigos from Robin Hood county.

From the outset, Paul found kindred spirits in literary editor James Walker, and historian Dr David Amos: Free-thinking amigos from Robin Hood county. Challenging convention, embracing change, passionate about literacy and digital inclusion, they have masterminded many successful digital outreach projects.

Digital Storytelling and Learning


James Walker, Chief Literary Amigo @dawnoftheunread 

The Arts Council funded, Guardian Award winning multi-platform digital comic 'Dawn of the Unread' was later published as a printed anthology with support from UNESCO and Spokesman Press.

Design collaboration with James Walker, Chief Literary Amigo;

  • The Space Arts, Sillitoe Trail - On-demand digital arts platform
  • Dawn of the Unread - Guardian Award-winning digital Comic
  • Nottinghamshire UNESCO City of Literature - Digital branding
  • National Festival of the Humanities - Web and multimedia production
  • The Memory Theatre - digital arts platform
  • Whatever People Say I Am - Digital comic - NEW

Digital Archives, Heritage and Outreach


Dr David Amos, Chief Heritage Amigo @mubuminer 

Underground at the National Coal Mining Museum England. This collaboration with student film-makers and the University of Nottingham was screened at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

Design collaboration with David Amos;

  • A History of Coal Mining in 10 Objects - Digital outreach
  • Bestwood Winding Engine House - Schools curriculum pack
  • DH Lawrence Heritage - Web and multimedia production
  • Coal, Community and Change - Touring exhibition and digital interpretation

Thinkamigo have established a creative network of talented amigos who collaborate on a project-by-project basis. We have also forged strategic alliances with Universities and local government agencies, providing a bridge with local business and community groups.

Value-driven UX Research and Service Design


Delivering corporate business transformation in legal and finance sectors

Between 2015-18, design practise was becoming more collaborative and data-driven. Aesthetics was not enough and the company began to realise the value of user research, and agile methodologies. As a result there was a shift towards UK Government and enterprise-level digital transformation projects, where user-centred design (UCD) practice was starting to take hold.

Product and service design projects include;

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - Enterprise platform for Knowledge exchange
  • Constructionline - UX research for UK Gov service acquired by Capita PLC
  • Transport for London - Mobile App Concepts
  • University of East Anglia - Mobile and Staff portal development
  • Pensions and Life Savings Association - User research
  • Offshore Legal - UX design for mobile-first website migration

In 2019, Thinkamigo became an eSynergy Partner, developing new services at the Department for Education, and HM Revenue and Customs.

Critical service delivery during Covid19 and beyond


In the first half of 2020, our consultancy work has accelerated software design and deployment of critical services related to COVID19 and EU-exit. Having previous experience working with offshore teams, Thinkamigo have adapted to remote working during the pandemic and continue to maintain a productive synergy between governance-led, creative, commercial and academic projects.

We anticipate further growth associated with remote working, online training and digital marketing. Thinkamigo are ready to help organisations adapt to an evolving operating environment.

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