We provide research and service design expertise to government agencies, corporations, legal and financial services.

Our user research goes hand-in-hand with user experience (UX) design. As an eSynergy associate we facilitate end-to-end business transformation so that government services work more efficiently. Our ethos is aligned with UK Government digital strategy which continues to make services more accessible. We use proven research methodologies, and work in multidisciplinary teams, conducting face-to-face and remote sessions with users. We design and test web-based interactions to improve usability, and save time and money through appropriate use of data and systems automation.

...Our government and commercial research activity is complemented by support for academic research in arts and humanities.

We visualise and evaluate user needs and support product and service development through agile workflow. We establish evidence-based design cycles, so that organisations can measure success and are alerted to the threats and opportunities that exist in fast-paced commercial settings.

Enterprise research is complemented by our work in arts and humanities. Thinkamigo build web and mobile platforms to support post-graduate research projects. We collaborate with principal investigators to leverage our design-thinking, business insight and digital advocacy. Our design-focus helps to deliver successful research outcomes that are intellectually stimulating, impactful, and resonate with the wider public.

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